Collect C&U Empty page


Hi !

I have :

  1. Added a vCenter provider
  2. Activated Roles : Capacity & Utilization Coordinator, Capacity & Utilization Data Collector, Capacity & Utilization Data Processor through Administrator>Configuration>Server EVM 1>Server Management
  3. When I want to configure Region>C&U Collect, my page is blank (empty)

If I choose a host or an VM, I cannot access to Monitor>Utilization.

Is it normal ?

Version euwe-1.20170301034325_99d8fcd
Server name EVM
Server user Administrator
User role EvmRole-super_administrator
Navigator Firefox
Navigator Version 51
Navigateur SE Windows

Hi @abrianceau,

Can you post a screen shot of your “empty” C&U Collection page? You should at least see the “Collect for All Clusters” switch there.

For a Host or VM, you should see the Monitor>Utilization buttons. If Utilization is disabled, it should have hover text describing why it is not enabled.

. . . Dan