Collecting data in Manage IQ


I guess manageiq is an agent less application. Could someone please explain how is it collecting the data? Is it through polling or snmp traps or any other?


@gmccullough can you review this question from @adlinix and forward to a SME if necessary.

Hi @adlinix,

correct: ManageIQ is agentless. It uses the APIs of the virtualization platforms, clouds, and other management systems to do discovery. The architecture is explained in the following LWN article:

Have a look, and feel free to come back with any questions.

@geertj, thanks so much

I have a question. It says “ManageIQ VMDB is almost always up to date with respect to what is actually present in the environment, even if changes are made outside of ManageIQ”. And “a full refresh is also scheduled every 24 hours”

I have created a control policy in manageiq in such a way that an action is supposed to be performed when an event like “VM power off” happens in EC2 environment. Does that mean that if I try to power off a vm from ec2 console, by default it will be reflected in Manageiq till the next refresh only?(unless there is no manual refresh.)