Coming soon...Gaprindashvili branch

On Tuesday, October 31, the Gaprindashvili branch will be created in GitHub for the main repos [1] along with the related labels [2].

From this point on, EVERYTHING destined for Gaprindashvili MUST be labeled with gaprindashvili/yes as follows:

gaprindashvili/yes – needs to be backported immediately for inclusion in the next build
gaprindashvili/no OR no gaprindashvili label - upstream master-only targeting

If a cherry-pick has conflicts, the PR will be labeled with, gaprindashvili/conflict, meaning the original developer needs to create a PR on the gaprindashvili branch with conflict resolved.

The following rules apply for backporting a PR:

  • title should be the same as master and will be automatically prefixed with [Gaprindashvili]
  • have a link to the PR on master
  • have same labels as PR on master, except the backport label itself (i.e. DON’T put gaprindashvili/yes on the direct-to-gaprindashvili PR, but DO put bug or enhancement and others)

When we get to gaprindashvili blockers-only (scheduled during Sprint 76 on December 19), then the following will go into effect:

gaprindashvili/yes AND blocker – needs to be backported immediately for inclusion in the next build
gaprindashvili/yes AND without blocker – needs to be backported after the current release is shipped

Note: Jason will be renaming master -> gaprindashvili once the branch is cut.
[2] gaprindashvili/yes, gaprindashvili/no, gaprindashvili/backported, gaprindashvili/conflict