Common cloud management tasks?

What do you want from a cloud management platform? What problems do you have that caused you to look for something like ManageIQ?

Let us know what you’re using this for, and the things you’d like to do, but haven’t quite worked out how yet - we love to hear what people want from a cloud management platform!

Additional functionality with public cloud providers like AWS and Azure. Ideally we would want to be able to perform a majority of day to day management and tasks from the MIQ platform without having to login to the AWS or Azure portals directly.

I agree… making sure all cloud management tasks and capabilities are supported across all the cloud providers to avoid multiple management platforms.

Throwing in my 2 cents, it would be great to see management and delegation of cloud storage - this could take the form of

  • S3 / Glacier
  • Openstack Swift.
  • Ceph (RADOS S3/swift objects) & CephFS (SAMBA/NFS?)

I’m hoping to have a look at the puppet integration for some of this, but pulling back usage stats into the metrics DB would be good too.

We’re integrating it within our current VM Infrastucture. It would be awesome if it supported connections with QEMU/KVM Hypervisors (like RHEL boxes running Virt-Manager) along with the ability to provision those VM’s.

Work on this topic has started: OpenStack Storage Inventory

@jcornell, there are a wide set of management tasks available in those environments, would you be able to identify the top 10 functionality you are looking for?

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