Community build for AWS EC2

I propose that the community build a AWS EC2 image of ManageIQ

I’m not the one to do it. But I’m hoping to engage with those who understand the imagefactory build process to do it.

Any takers?


That would be awesome. Maybe that’s something we can hack on at the design summit?

This has already been done on the downstream, in fact we ran Cloudforms as AWS EC2 instances for my summit presentation for integrating Node.js, OpenShift Online, Twitter and Cloudforms .

We used 5 instances behind an ELB, that handled over 1000 provisions in 12 hrs.


So… should be easy? Is there anything particularly difficult about doing it?

Well, maybe not. The previous route to this is rpm install of the product. Not sure how that works under MIQ? Also the CentOS AMI’s in AWS have never been tested against MIQ either. Thanks