Configuration option not showing up for user 'admin'

I logged in as ‘admin’ user. But when going to “Automate” -> Explorer -> Datastore -> ManageIQ(Locked) -> Automation -> Factory -> StateMachine -> VM Provision Approval State Machine -> Default, the ‘Configuration’ icon does not show up as stated in the doc (automation doc).

I must have missed something in the doc. Please let me know if this is the case.

The ‘Configuration’ icon will not be available on the ManageIQ domain as its in a read only state. This option will become available when you upload your own automate model.

This is part of the new domain support recently added to the automate model. The ManageIQ domain is the “base domain” and is the lowest priority (zero) domain. The note in the UI of “(Locked)” indicates that it can not be altered in any way.

You customize the automate model by creating override domains that are processed in descending priority order, so any classes, instances, or methods in a higher domain will override the same elements in the base domain.

There is currently support to manage custom domains and will soon be support for copying elements from one domain to another to make it easier to implement overrides. In addition, custom domains can also be locked by authorized users to prevent changes.

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