Configure external authentication on Kubernetes deployment (Kasparov)

I’m trying to configure ManageIQ Kasparov on our Kubernetes cluster.
The installation was sucessful und I can login with default credentials.
Know I want to change the authentication from database to LDAP(s).

I found some documentation but the mentioned configmap-generator doesnt work at all, it seems to me that it is outdated and have missing dependencies.
Chapter 2. Configuring External Authentication to CloudForms Red Hat CloudForms 4.6 | Red Hat Customer Portal
The magical httpd-configmap-generator: GitHub - ManageIQ/httpd_configmap_generator: Scripts used in httpd containers for configuring authentication
Does somebody have a valid example configmap.yaml for LDAP?

In the Operator documentation I only find how to configure Open-Id Connect. manageiq-pods/manageiq-operator at master · ManageIQ/manageiq-pods · GitHub
Does somebody know what types of authentication are supported on kubernetes MIQ deployments and how to configure?

I hope somebody has experience with it.

Kind Regards,