Configure not embedded SmartProxy in ManageIQ

The SmartProxy can be configured to reside on the Red Hat CloudForms appliance or on an ESX server version. The SmartProxy can be deployed from the Red Hat CloudForms appliance, and provides visibility to the VMFS storage. Each storage location must have a SmartProxy with visibility to it. The SmartProxy acts on behalf of the Red Hat CloudForms appliance. If the SmartProxy is not embedded in the Red Hat CloudForms server, it communicates with the Red Hat CloudForms appliance over HTTPS on standard port 443.

Do you know how to configure a standalone smartproxy server? I mean, a manageIQ appliance with only the smartproxy server role on, and communicate with the database.

Configure a new appliance connecting to your database:

If you want to place your SmartProxy in the same region, then choose 3) Join Region in External Database instead of 2) Create Region in External Database in step 7.

Then turn off all roles except SmartProxy.