Console Connections unreliable for with vSphere provider

I’ve installed the webmks components as per the documentation to enable that functionality from the Access menu, however, what I’m seeing is that intermittently (frequently?) , the connection is never made and the browser just shows a black or white blank screen with “Connecting” in the status bar.

I’ve been suggesting my users install VMRC and use the VMRC Console button, but a lot of the time, the menu is unavailable with the message “VM VMRC Console error: remote console require login credentials”.

When VMRC does launch, it always connects successfully.

Any suggestions on how to address either of these issues?


What version of your vSphere and what version of your MIQ installation?

Currently using VCSA 6.5 for the vSphere, though all of my hosts are still running ESXi 6.0.

ManageIQ is on Ivanchuck-7.