Console or SSH session from Manageiq Web console

Dear Experts,

I could console for Vmware virtual machines, But not for RHEV is there any way to enable this.

Also is there any option for calling Putty or ssh session for VMs on ManageIq Web console.

Thanks in Advance

@chandrahasa01 for web console, I believe it’s only vmware right now. I don’t know of any activity of a web browser plugin for rhev to enable the console through the ManageIQ web console.

I think rhev can be configured to use spice or vnc for remote consoles although I’ve never set either up to do this.

The ManageIQ appliances should allow ssh access out of box though but it’s not through the browser.

Thanks for reply.

If SSH is possible, even its ok if it is not from Browser. If you could call SSH tools like Putty from webconsole after clicking on VM.

Thanks in Advance