Controling access to buttons e.g. Power Button

I see that if I login as “super admin” I can see power on / off button for a given instance.

I created a role for provisioning, self service , or UI features ( “buttons” not in the list of things you can control there ).

For the role’s access restrictions I have “only user and group owned”.

I assing the role to a group and add users to the griup.

I log as that user and I can’t see the power on / off buttons.

the user and the instance have the same “provisoining scope” tags.

“by default” not allowed which is good, but now , how do I adjust ?

David Thornton

You can control this kind of operations in the section “Access Rules for all Virtual Machines” in role settings.
It’s the last section in the list of options.


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fantastic, thanks!