Create a custom attribute on object

Hi all,

I know I’ve read the answer to this, but I have misplaced my notes in a house move :confused:

I have multiple scripts that run in success in my dialog, one after the other. I want to be able to pass a value from one to the next. I supposed I can simply create a custom property or attribute on one of the provided objects.

I have tried:
$evm.object[my_custom_attr] = 'set special value here'
That worked within the method that set it, but the value became nil when I tried to access it from the next method.

I also tried $evm.root["my_custom_attr"] = 'set special value here' with the same disappointing nil when accessed from the next method.

Evidently these are not “global” enough to span the methods involved.

Is there a way to create a global custom attr for access within the UI (before submitting the request)? Thanks!