Create Openstack Cloud Provider with Keystone v3

Good day!

The documentation here ( is not explicit. Following it, is difficult to create a provider via API. Some attributes are not mentioned there either. How can keystone_v3_domain be specified in API call?

“type” : “ManageIQ::Providers::Openstack::CloudManager”,
“name” : “test”,
“hostname” : “host”,
“api_version”: “v3”,
“security_protocol”: “ssl”,
“port”: “5000”,
“credentials” : {
“userid” : “user”,
“password” : “password”


“error”: {
“kind”: “bad_request”,
“message”: “Could not create the new provider - Invalid Provider attributes keystone_v3_domain specified”,
“klass”: “Api::BadRequestError”

looking into this file ( I found out that proper attribute name for keystone v3 domain id is uid_ems.