Create sysprep file under Compute-->Infra-->PXE-->Customization Templates-->?

Hi All,

We’re gearing up to start offering windows VMs from ManageIQ. We are interested in using answer files to configure the VM. From our research we see how to upload an answer file manually when provisioning from a template (under Request InfoCustomize). However, we wish to allow users to choose an answer file from the Service Dialogue. Is that possible? It seems like it should be.

Along those lines, it appears we can create answer files in ManageIQ under Compute–>Infrastructure–>PXE–>Customization Templates:

However, files we create here do not appear in the drop down under Customize:

Is that not where we should expect to see them?

We want to manage our answer files within ManageIQ as opposed to pulling them from a hypervisor. Are we wrong to think this is possible?

Thanks all for any input.

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Pretty sure that should be possible. @bdunne do you know?

I think you need to have created a VMware customisation specification for Windows VMs in your vCenter first. The customization spec has the option to use a custom SysPrep answer file, e.g.

Once you’ve created this - you used to need to trigger a manual refresh for MIQ to see it - then it will appear in the Custom Specification table.

Hope this helps,

Thanks @pemcg ! That does help. Are you saying that the customization specification needs to come from vcenter initially just to set up this process? Or that we need to always maintain them from vcenter. We hope to maintain them from ManageIQ so we are “hypervisor-agnostic”.

The Customization Spec and the SysPrep answer file are separate. Customization specs have to be created on the vCenter, but the SysPrep answer files are created on MIQ and injected into the Customization Spec when it’s run on first boot.


oh!! Thank you.