Custom Hosts Platform Tags?

Is there a way to create new Platform Tags? Example ESX 5.1, ESX 5.5

@ssmith, what’s your use case? You can easily make a new tag category in the configuration area, then add values to it. Use Policy to assign the tags. Let me know if you need more detail.

Hi guys, let me bring back the topic. I believe that what @ssmith is looking for is the way how the tags can be advertised into the virtualization/cloud platform. Of course, you can write a method which pushes the tags to (for example) AWS through API. But is there any way how this can be done out-of-box? I’d like to avoid reinventing the wheel. There might be a method for this which I have missed.

And if you need to know the use case: Current chargeback implementation in CFME is basically useless for AWS. I need to advertise the tags to AWS resources so that they get reflected in Amazon costs report.

Does it make sense?