Custom Provider

I am new to ManageIQ and had an idea, needed to know if its feasible.
Theoretically, say if I have the same information as that which a cloud provider would provide , I still should be able to see it on the UI of ManageIQ right .
The goal is to abstract the cloud provider .

@gmccullough or @dclarizio, can one of you provide assistance, or forward to a SME.

cc @Fryguy or @blomquisg

@Samuellincoln27, hi there

It would go a little bit beyond having the “same information”. Our integrations happen at an API level. In the ManageIQ codebase, we connect to the provider APIs to gather the cloud provider’s inventory.

Can you elaborate a bit on “abstracting the cloud provider?”


Greg Blomquist

Note that the fog gem already abstracts the cloud provider to a degree, and I believe our OpenStack and GCE integrations both use fog. Is this more along the lines of what you were thinking?