Custom Provisiong Dialog

I am completely lost as to how to make this work. So far, I have:

  • Successfully set up my Infrastructure Provider (VMware vCenter 5.1)
  • Enabled the Automation Engine in Server Control
  • Connected to my Active Directory structure
  • Added an AD user and authenticated against it
  • Created a Role and a Group, and added the AD user to the group
  • Made the new Group the owner of a VM
  • Copied the “Sample VM Clone to VM Dialog” per the “Creating a Custom Provisioning Dialog”, with the groupname in the miq_provision…
  • I’ve made a minor change to the dialog by changing Request to Requestor so that I can see whether this dialog is getting picked up

I just can’t get the custom dialog to show. What am I doing wrong or where should I be looking to see what I am doing wrong?