Custom Quota Resource Types

Hi ManageIQ’ers!

Any ideas how to solve following task properly?

Task: to introduce some quota validation within the process of automated k8s provisioning. VMs are being created with terraform by triggering external AWX (Ansible Tower) job.


  • we have different infrastructures in our enterprise - and they all have different resource pricing;
  • I, as an owner of automation on my current layer, don’t have administrative access to openstack infrastructures (cannot be changed in short term);
  • other types of infrastructures are also possible, though the main goal - is to automate some provisioning on top of openstack;
  • I have automated pipeline and corresponding provisioning state machine for installing kubernetes on top of openstack; I can pick up some project in some infrastructure (with dialog in miq with some corresponding checks) - and trigger installation of k8s using a pipeline which will create VMs with terraform outside of miq (just running this in AWX (Ansible Tower);
  • taking into account all above mentioned, VMs are not managed and anyhow processed by miq;
  • quota is not being calculated in any way.

My idea was to introduce some new types of resources for quota validation - and customize quota state machine (did not have any positive experience with this by the moment).

But next challenge here - is how to customize view in quota management in configuration per tenant/project/group?

How corresponding administrative users will be able to control it in miq?

How end users will see how much quota they have?

Any changes I am making in automation domains does not influence those views in any ways (I mean config which is found under tenants/projects/groups configuration, those which are found under Configuration/Access Control/Specific tenant or group or project/Manage quota).