Custom Specification - Sysprep Answer File


I would need to build and customize VM in Vcenter.

  1. I do compute -> Infrastructure -> PXE ->Customization Templates - > copy Customization Template -> edit and save (Image Type: Windows;Type: Sysprep).
    After then Service ->Catalog ->Catalog Items->Configuration -> Edit this item -> request info -> customazie -> Basic Options -> Sysprep Answer file. BUT Custom Specification is . Hmm

  2. Well. Next, I try upload xml via Upload File. Upload File -> select my locally stored sysprep xml answer file generated by Windows System Image manager tool. - > then hit Upload
    Afterward a message “Sysprep unattend.xml” upload was successful is displayed and the form disappears. So it is not possible to continue.

I found same problem but on capablanca: Customize - Sysprep Answer File
I use Version darga-2.20160815171442_bb55253

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@blomquisg can you review this question from @ban and forward to a SME if necessary.

@bdunne Can you help out here?

Hi @ban,

1 is only used when PXE provisioning a VM. So, it sounds like you’re on the right track with 2. The darga branch contains the commit from the PR referenced by the other article. Maybe @mzazrivec can help?


Hi @bdunne,

  1. Do you mean that does not work with vm templates? Only PXE provisioning? But where I can create custom specification with variable from provisioning dialog? I do not have PXE server yet.

Also I tried cloud-init (for linux vm templates) host and RHEV provider and this work correctly. Is it possible use sysprep (for windows vm templates) with RHEV provider and customize variable from provisioning dialog?

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