Custom Tag Category not showing up in Virtual Machine report Columns Options

I have a custom tag category.

I have tagged some VMs with tags from that category.

I want to add that tag as a column in a custom report.

In the custom report when I am looking at the options for which Tag Categories I can select, I see all of other custom tag categories except for this one.

The ones that are showing up have been around for a while.

I have tried creating another new tag category and it doesnt show up either.

These custom tag categories are showing up in the filters, just not in the column options.

I have also tested on a new or existing report.

Am I just missing some flag somewhere or something to expose this category to the reporting columns? Am I running into a bug?

Blue Skies,

As a follow up.

If the report is based on “Virtual Machines” my tag is not listed.

If I make the report based on “VMs and Instances” then it is listed.

So two questions:

Why do all my other tag categories show up for “Virtual Machine” based reports but not this one?

What is the difference between a “Virtual Machine” based report and a “VMs and Instances” based report?