Customization of Generic item

Hi, topic seems to be obvious however it’s not. I’m currently working on customization of virtual machine (RHV provider) with customization template based on cloud-init script.

I ve found similar topic for OpenStack, but way described there doesn’t work for me at all,

I’ve even tried to hardcode customization template id but it doesn’t take an effect on provisioned machine.

Here’s snippet of redhat_CustomizeRequest method:
prov = $evm.root[“miq_provision”]
prov.set_option(:customization_template_id, [99000000000016, ‘simple’])

Can you please advise what’s missing here? Do I need to pass extra argument to make this work?

Heh, topic can be closed,

I’ve added following line in redhat_CustomizeRequest method:
prov.set_option(:sysprep_enabled, [“fields”, “Specification”])
and customization template has been applied… variable’s name ‘sysprep_enabled’ seems extremely weird to me in order to customize Linux based instances on RHV.