Customize ManageIQ

We are working on developing self-service portal and we are now interested in ManageIQ.
We want to customize ManageIQ for our purpose.
The first purpose is adding signup process.
Would anyone can help us what we need to do for this?

I am not aware of anything like this in ManageIQ. The usual approach is to add ManageIQ to your existing IDP like Active Directory or LDAP (technically anything SSSD supports).

If you need a extra SignUp process I guess you need to find a IDP that does have registration (like github/social login) or build the SignUp yourself (I think Keycloak can do registration for traditional IDPs)

Hi buc. Thanks for your kind reply.
What I know is we can use ManageIQ for self-service portal like amazon web service.
Then customers need to signup by himself to be provided service.
I can see many potential functions in manageiq but just wondering why there is no process for self signup.

I am not on the MIQ team, but I giess the focus is more on selfservice within a company, where you have an IDP

If you intend actual/external/paying customers to use ManageIQ as selfservice portal you might run into performance/customization issues sooner than you expect.

  • I assume you are planning to use the selfservice UI instead of the default Admin UI?
  • One big portal for everyone? Or every customer gets their own and self manages (using regions and tenents and stuff)?


  • We are abusing a couple of intended and unintended features, that make your UI extra slow.
  • We are not using selfservice UI at all, our observations are based on the Admin UI and I have no Idea how much of this is mitigated in selfservice
  • We had some success with tweaking queries in the past, but this requires code knowledge and is definitely not documented

Our Painpoints

  • The Admin UI renders the whole page server-side (I think), so the user sees a big loading screen while the page load, instead of loading each UI element separately
  • If the user has visibility on many items (such as admin users) queries tend to get slow. In one extreme case MIQ tried to sum up all the diskspace of 4k VMs in one query, causing a timeout loading the page (That was due to the mentioned abuse of features)
  • If you use ServiceDialogs with dynamic elements, each element takes a couple hundred milliseconds to actually execute the automate code. This can be worked around with Expression-Methods and splitting the Dialog in tabs , but our Users don’t really like that
  • Be aware of the actual execution time of the automate methods, in UI land every millisecond counts (We use the memcached service if it gets unbearable)
  • The Admin UI actually only has a hand full of UI elements, so the UI is not exciting to look at
  • The UI itself is not really customizeable out of the box. There is a way to add entire Submenues, but that is well beyond customization and in the middle of actual development (The Nuage provider did this, I think)
  • I don’t think normal users can create/manage their own groups, unless they are Admins in their tenant

Personally I think if you want to sell ManageIQ as your main self service console, the SignUp might be your smallest problem (and I still believe you want your customer accounts in an actual IDP and not the ManageIQ database only).

I don’t think they are impossible to solve, but it is going to take some effort. And you may want to spend some time understanding how the ManageIQ UI works and compare that to modern state of the art management consoles.

just my 2 cents