Customize service dialog for AWS instance

I need to customize the AWS instance provisioning using a service dialog. I have ip_addr, vm_name, guest_access_key_pair and security_groups in the service dialog and I can see that they are processed by amazon_CustomizeRequest. However, the values are not applied to the AWS instance during provisioning.

Any idea what else need to be done?


Looks like it takes the ID instead of the name as argument. The [@ramrexx] ( dynamic dialogs make it easier.

I also found I can also use the following cloud-init script to fix the hostname. However, the ip address still not changing. Any suggestion?


hostname: <%= evm[:vm_name] %>
fqdn: <%= evm[:vm_name] %>

network-interfaces: |
  iface eth0 inet static
    address <%= evm[:ip_addr] %>
    netmask <%= evm[:subnet_mask] %>

@eechong What are the values you are providing?

You should be able to see what we send over in the evm.log.
Look for messages that include “Prov Options:” or “Clone Options:”, there you should find the security group, key pair, and vm name.
For the IP address, I believe you need to set :floating_ip_address, then you will see a log message like Associating floating IP address [#{floating_ip.address}] to #{for_destination}.

I have “ip_addr”, “service_name”, “vm_name”, etc, basic info in the service dialog. The vm_name, service_name are configured properly, but the ip_addr is not.

I am interested in the primary private IP address, not floating IP. I can create an instances directly using Ruby and specify the private IP address following this AWS doc. The “run_instances” call takes many attributes for the instance and private_ip_address is one of them.

However, if I look at the debug output in aws.log I don’t see that in the run_instances call

[----] D, [2016-08-02T17:30:03.009165 #14955:87d994] DEBUG – : Q-task_id([miq_provision_1000000000377]) [Aws::EC2::Client 200 0.911755 0 retries] run_instances(key_name:“MYKEY”,user_data:“I2Nsb3VkLWNvbmZpZwoKaG9zd…SIgPj4gfi9ydW4udHh0\n”,min_count:1,max_count:1,disable_api_termination:false,image_id:“ami-221cc58a4”,instance_type:“t2.micro”,subnet_id:“subnet-ba1f0391”,security_group_ids:[“sg-4ec4c221”],monitoring:{enabled:false},placement:{availability_zone:“us-east-1b”})

Is it supported in ManageIQ/CloudForms?

@ecchong We build a clone_options hash before we make the call to the provider. For AWS, it starts here and super takes it here.

You can set a :clone_options hash in the request and anything specified in there will be merged into our clone_options here. See this bug for more details on usage

@ecchong Has this resolved your issue?

Not yet. I have a case opened with Red Hat to add this extra attribute to clone_options hash. Will post update once I hear back from RH support. Not sure if MqnageIQ already has it.


I’m not authorized to see this bug in bugzilla, can you provide some other info source on usage?