Customize - Sysprep Answer File


I am testing capablanca. Released version. (version capablanca-1.20151210193331_d9bbf5f)

I would need to build and customize VM in Vcenter.
I do Services -> Workload -> Lifecycle -> Provision -> select Vcenter template -> fill out all tabs in Provision Virtual Machines Form. I select Customize “Sysprep Answer File” in Customize Tab -> Upload File -> select my locally stored sysprep xml answer file generated by Windows System Image manager tool. - > then hit Upload

Afterward a message “Sysprep win2012std.xml” upload was successful is displayed and the form disappears. So it is not possible to continue.

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@Karel Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue on the latest upstream code as well.

@dclarizio Can you take a look at this issue? I have a sample Sysprep file if it helps.

@gmccullough @Karel I’m having @hkataria try to reproduce, then we will open a bug ticket and get it fixed.

Thx, Dan

I was able to recreate the issue on upstream master, opened a BZ to address the issue:


Created for this problem.

I applied your changes and now I can upload a sysprep file and submit a request.

I have been trying to build VM in vmware Vcenter. VM was cloned from template and started but customization included in sysprep file was not applied. Maybe I did something wrong. Could you pls. tell me which logs I can review to gain more info what happened.