Customize winodws vm template


Please tell me how to do the following:

I have template with pre-installed windows. I generalize it use command: sysprep /generalize /shutdown /oobe.
Now I need push unattend.xml file (create via system image manager) and some parameters, that will change users in provision dialog.
I have RHEV and Vmware provider.

Is there a way, without PXE server?

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@blomquisg can you review this question from @ban and forward to a SME if necessary.

i have the same question .
We can create customization templates in Compute>Infrastructure>pxe>customization templates and using them for PXE deployments.

is it possible to use above templates when deploying a VM using :
Compute>Infrastructure>Virtual Machines.>VMs & Templates>All VMs & Templates>Provision Virtual Machines page ?

in Customize page of the VM provisioning , we can not select existing Customization templates created in PXE page . only Customization templates created by Vcenter are selectable on that page .

it would be nice if we could select PXE customization templates in VM provisioning page .

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The Customize page of the VM Provisioning dialog is provider-specific, so its appearance depends on which provider type you’re provisioning into.

For VMware providers it’ll show a drop-down list of VMware Customization Specifications that have been defined in the vCenter and discovered by MIQ.

For providers that support cloud-init for first boot customization (such as OpenStack, RHV etc), then the Customize page will show the list of Customize Templates (cloud-init scripts) defined in the Compute → Infrastructure → PXE section of the UI, and the user-editable fields to enter values to be inserted into the scripts.

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