Customizing cloudforms look and feel


I need to customize manageiq look and feel.
I am currently reading stuff in the patternfly website.

I do assume that i will need to create a custom patternfly theme.

Is there any resource that explains how to change the default patternfly theme of manageiq?


Hi, Guillermo
I worked with changes of Manageiq GUI and I advise you to look at vmdb/app/assets/stylesheets/patternfly_overrides.scss
As I understand, developers of Manageiq GUI write changes of standard patternfly theme here.
After changes, run: rake assets:precompile

Hi Guillermo,

Patternfly_overrides.scss should not need to be updated for theme changes.

Please have a look at this thread: Customizing the UI ( No longer main.less? )

Most relevant theme changes can be made here:

If there’s anything you can’t find, please let me know.



Thanks for the answers.
I am looking at the provided info.