Database Backups

I’m looking into centralizing our database backups. Currently the ManageIQ database is handled differently than every other database in our organization. We are using the scheduled backup feature in: Settings > Configuration > Settings > Schedules. These backups are being written to an NFS share.

We have access to backup software that can perform database backups (think veeam, commvault, etc).

The backup files written to the NFS share appear to be simple pg_dump files. Is there anything else special about performing the scheduled database backups?

Is there anything else i need to consider when using a 3rd party database backup solution?



@nmaludy manageiq uses the custom dump format passed to pg_dump, --format c

If you wanted to do these dumps outside of manageiq, in a test environment, I’d test to make sure you can dump and restore them using pg_dump/pg_restore.