Database setup issues


When installing MiQ, there are no any database setup (region, initialize, join) options on menu ? Shouldn’t there be those or am I missing something here ?


When installing MIQ you will need to create a disk and attach it to the VM (any size you want that will fit your DB). Once that has been added and is visible then you can go the Black Console and can configure the DB.

@tonimaatta the database is automatically created, regioned as region 0, and configured as part of the manageiq appliance build. See here. The other options are available in the appliance_console_cli.

There is some complexity with having multiple MIQ appliances talk to to the same database since they need to use the same v2_key (for encryption), same REGION file, same config/database.yml, etc. In addition, postgresql would have to be configured to allow the connection from the remote appliance(s) via certificates or password.

The ManageIQ appliances are geared toward a fast setup experience for users. Although you can configure them as you want, keep in mind there are many options, so it might be a difficult path. Please do report any successes. Perhaps there would be little enhancements to make this easier.

The apliance_console_cli drives other classes to configure the database, one of which is the InternalDatabaseConfiguration. This is where the bulk of the work that has done automatically when you import and start up an appliance OVA.