Define time until retirement

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Is there any way to specify the values of the fields in the screenshot?

For example: I want the time until retirement to be set on “2 weeks”. Is that possible to change in the code myself?


The values are defined in the dialog YAML files. You can copy the dialogs and modify these values under Automate -> Customization -> Provisioning Dialogs (Left-Nav).

Here is the section of the YAML file:

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Thanks @gmccullough, I changed the config of my cloned Sample VM provisioning Dialog (Template), but do I still need to change the used Provisioning Dialog somewhere in my CatalogItemInitialization? If yes, where do I do that?

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You will need to modify the provisioning profile to use the newly created dialog.

I would recommend reading more about it here:

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@gmccullough, thanks! That worked out perfectly fine, I was confused about where to look. But I figured it out :slight_smile:

If I may, just ask one more question:
Is it possible to set the retirement date in the Service Request dialog, so users can define their own retirement dates? I tried the following: Service's retirement date

Added a Date/Time dialog option in the request, so users set their end date. And I’ve also changed the CatalogItemInitilization method and added the code from the above URL. However it does not seem to actually SET a retirement date for me.

The perfect solution for us would be to implement a dialog:
<img src="//" width="578"height=“96”>

Like the above, and let users decide what their retirement date would be.

The other solution would be to put a button in the self service portal where users can press the button to extend their retirement dates by a few weeks. I’ve got that working within the ManageIQ administrator interface itself, but not in the Self Service portal itself.

Kevin Oosterlaken

Just anther heads up, maybe you guys still got a tip on where to look @gmccullough?

Either way when virtual machines of our users reach their retirement date. They should be able to extend at least two times before the actual retirement is reached. In my previous post I was able to generate a button where users are able to extend their own retirement(Compute > Virtual Machines), but as it is right now. This is infinite… So that isn’t helping on the long run… :slight_smile:

And as my previous post said. Is it possible to let users set their own retirement date throughout the self service, provisioning “wizard”? That would solve a lot of our problems, and if they are able to extend their service/VM throughout the same portal that would definitely solve ALL of our issues right now.

@tinaafitz @ramrexx Can either of you provide some guidance on service retirement?

One thought I had for the button implementation you already have is to use a custom attribute to keep track of the number of times the service has been extended which would allow you to limit it.

I wrote something for a custom button on a service that will add a retirement extension to the the oldest
retires_on and retirement_warn found on a service and all child vms. I have always wanted to put in some logic to limit the number of extensions a service/vm could have but never got around to it.

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Hi Oxyle,

There are 2 ways to specify retirement for Services.

  1. Set the service retirement date which retires all of the service VMs.
    The Service retirement value is a date as described here:
    Service's retirement date
    I see in your comment that the Service retirement didn’t work properly for you.
    Could you tell me more about your scenario?
  2. Set the individual VM retirement dates.
    The VM retirement value is in seconds.

To set the VM retirement value in a Service item:
a. Create a service dialog entry named option_1_retirement as described below:

Select a dropdown and set the value in seconds:

You would do the same for retirement warning. The field name would be option_1_retirement_warn

The dialog display:


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@tinaafitz that worked perfectly fine and is exactly what we need right here. Currently ManageIQ sends out 1 notification before a VM is actually removed from our vCenter. Is there a way to send multiple warnings(a few days apart) before the actual retirement?

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: @tinaafitz solved it by using this guide from RedHat:

Seems to work now, I tried last night but was running into some issues. Are you aware of the last lines of text on how to do this?

This can further be extended to ensure that the number of warning days are reset when the retirement date is modified by creating a custom button and supporting automation code.