Delete Snapshots after 1 hour

Hi all,
I’m quite new to ManageIQ - so I’m sorry if this question was asked before (couldn’t find anything similar in the Forum).
We are using VMware with ESXi as a Hypervisor. We have a requirement to automatically delete Snapshots after a period of time (let’s say 1 hour).

To achieve this, I’ve created an action (delete Snapshots by Age),
a condition (FIND VM and Instance.Snapshots : Date Created BEFORE “This Hour” CHECK ANY Create Time BEFORE “This Hour”),
and a compliance policy which has no scope defined (all elements) and maps the condition as well as the action defined before.

The compliance policy is then assigned to a Policy profile and the Policy Profile to a VM.
With the policy simulator, the expressions for the specific VM evaluates to all “True” (as expected) - although, the Snapshot doesn’t get deleted nor any other action is being executed.

Am I using the correct the approach to achieve our requirement or this there a better way for Snapshot lifecycle management?

Found a solution by myself:
Condition, Event, Policy, Policy Profile and assignment to VM were correct as described above.
I scheduled a compliance check every hour. The schedule was done through:
Configuration -> Settings -> Schedules

Now Snapshots older 1 hour are being deleted.