Delete VM from api


how delete VM from disk with API?
I use delete action,but the vm delete only VMDB.

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@json I have not looked at the API lately, but in our implementation we would likely invoke a retirement on the machine and that state machine could be configured to do the deletion.

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In the old API version,action “retire” was present for the “/api/vms/”.
How can i retire VM form new version of API 2.0.0?


@abellotti could you reply to this?

Currently, only delete VMs from Vmdb is available (v2.0.0 of API). I will create a Trello card for adding support for the vm retire action.


Thank you from Italy

We have built our retirement system to extend the default MIQ behavior. All of our VMs have the Lifecycle tag set to “Retire Full”. During a retirement request, we check for our Soft Retirement boolean flag. If present and true, we implement a soft-retirement period that just powers down the VM for X number of days before deleting completely (release IPs, delete from vCenter, remove from VMDB). As part of that effort, we created a button to override the soft-retirement and to delete immediately. We are able to call the API and execute the retire immediately button which does perform a complete retirement. Until the feature is available in v2, you could use the follow code snippets create your own button.

Our Retire Immediatley button code is similar to the following:

  @method = 'cai_retire_immediately'
  $evm.log("info", "#{@method} - EVM Automate Method Started")
  # Turn off verbose logging
  @debug = true

  obj = $evm.object("process")
  if obj.nil?
    vm_name = $evm.root["vm_name"]
    vm = $evm.vmdb('vm').find_by_name(vm_name)
    vm = obj["vm"] || $evm.root["vm"]
  #$evm.log("info","#{@method} --CAI-- Inspecting object: vm = #{vm}")

## Unretire and do not set a retirement date or warning
  vm.retires_on = nil
  vm.retirement_warn = nil

##  Remove the soft-retire flag so it will immediately retire
  tag_category = "cai_soft_retire_flag"
  vm.tags(tag_category).each do |tag_name|
  $evm.log("info","#{@method} --CAI-- Inspecting object: vm.tags = #{vm.tags.inspect}")

## The soft retire flag should have been removed.  Now we retire/delete the VM from vCenter and CF

# Exit method
  $evm.log("info", "#{@method} - EVM Automate Method Ended")
  exit MIQ_OK

    # Set Ruby rescue behavior
rescue => err
  $evm.log("error", "#{@method} - [#{err}]\n#{err.backtrace.join("\n")}")
  exit MIQ_ABORT

Ruby Script to make the API call:

require 'rest-client'
require 'json'

@user_id = "admin"
server_url = ""
server_name = "myserver0123"

retire_url = "https://#{@user_id}:#{@password}@#{server_url}/api/automation_requests"
puts " * retire_url = #{retire_url}" "#{retire_url}",
                            "action" => "create",
                            "resource" => {
                                "version" => "1.1",
                                "uri_parts" => {
                                    "namespace" => "System",
                                    "class" => "Request",
                                    "instance" => "cai_retire_immediately",
                                    "message" => "create"
                                "parameters" => {
                                    :vm_name => "#{server_name}"
                                "requester" => {
                                    "user_name" => "admin",
                                    "auto_approve" => true
puts "Response Object: #{items.inspect}"
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Has there been any movement on this since 2015? I’d really like a delete from disk REST API call that doesn’t involve changing or tweaking our currently retirement process.