Deployment of ManageIQ with Openshift : Missing Ingress routes

Hello Guys !

I’ve recently tried to deploy a cluster ManageIQ. Due to somes security issue i need to push images on Harbor.

So i got the operator Httpd and Postgres and i’ve provide to my cluster yaml’s files in this order :

  • manageiq.org_manageiqs_crd.yaml
  • role.yaml
  • role_binding.yaml
  • service_account.yaml
  • operator.yaml

I’ve got some failed at the beginning because i forgot to set the right path to images for httpd and postgresql in CR, after update the CR i got threes pods running (Httpd, pgsql and the operator) without error but when i want to consume them i can’t find where i can joined them.

if someone could help me, i can explain more or be more specific


Hi guys, Sorry about that i’ve just forgot some requirement there is no issue, if you want you could delete this post :slight_smile: