Developer Deployment Toolkit

At the ManageIQ Summit we presented what we have been working on to help solve some of the challenges with the platform related to automation development. The initial beta code for the ManageIQ/CloudForms Developer Deployment Toolkit has been released to Github. This is a beta and we are sure it has issues and bugs so we do not yet recommend for production usage. We will be posting bugs, enhancements etc to the issues list and will be working off of the public Github going forward and hope others will do the same.

This will be a huge time saver and enhancement to the platform for us. We look forward to the additional ideas and commits members of the community will have to make it ever better.


The Cox Automotive Team

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing with the community, and great meeting the Cox Automotive Team at the MIQ summit.

Thanks for sharing. This gives me more insight how development can be implemented.

Will there be a rubymine plugin developed?