Difference between CloudForms & VCloud

VMs cloning and publishing to Template only support on VMware vSphere Hypervisor! not even RHEV, Hyper-V or other ! That is right ? Please explain me.
Thanks in Advance .

As of right now vCloud is a VMware centric product so it will only control VMware pieces. Cloudforms allows you to be able to do some similar orchestration but not limited to just one vendor of hypervisor or cloud provider. OOTB with Cloudforms you will have limited functionality what vCloud provides you but I find this a different use case. Cloudforms can be expanded into doing much more than what vCloud ever dreamed of doing. So try not to think vCloud-centric and how would the problems be tackled in order to reach the same result. Regardless of the product this process should be the same, once this is identified you can then figure out what exactly is required for Cloudforms, vCloud, or whatever else may need to be configured to do.