Difficulty adding AWX to MIQ

Hi guys, I'm having trouble adding AWX to ManageIQ in ivanchuk-2 version and I would like to know if I update MIQ to ivanchuk-8 version this difficulty will be resolved. Big hug and a great day to those who read this message!!! :-)

P.S: AWX version 17.1.0…

Hey @fschorn what is the url that you’ve given for the awx server? The error looks like it is trying to hit v1, could you try manually adding /v2 to the end of the url?
So if your current url is https://awx.local try https://awx.local/api/v2 ?

On ivanchuk we defaulted to v1 since that was common on AWX/Tower version of that time, around the MIQ jansa/kasparov versions we changed the default to v2 since v1 was deprecated and removed Update the default tower API version to v2 by agrare · Pull Request #226 · ManageIQ/manageiq-providers-ansible_tower · GitHub

Hello @agrare I managed to add AWX 17.1.0 to MIQ ivanchuk-2. Thank you very much for the explanation, as I will be testing new versions of MIQ this information will be useful.

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Glad that worked! And just to clarify, adding /api/v2 isn’t necessary on newer versions of MIQ we’ll use the right one automatically

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