Difficulty adding Oracle Cloud Provider (OCI)

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     I'm having trouble presenting Oracle Cloud as a MIQ provider, I'm using the "Ivanchuk-8" version, and my trial version: "kasparov-1", in the "vsphere" format of the virtual appliance. So, my question is related to the correct procedure that I need to follow to present Oralce Provider as a new MIQ provider.

Thank you MIQ team and everyone!

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Hey @fschorn ! The Oracle Cloud Provider was added relatively recently to MIQ and will be included in the Morphy release. Currently it is only available in the nightly builds (https://releases.manageiq.org/manageiq-vsphere-devel.ova)

Really glad that you’re looking to try it out though, don’t hesitate to reach out if you run into any issues or have any questions.

Hello @agrare
Thanks for that answer! I imagined it was only in the DEV version, however, I needed a confirmation … Thank you very much again!!!


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