Disable auto-approval for reconfigure selected items

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When the user logs into manageiq and select’s the vm and then goes to configuration tab and selects “reconfigure this VM” and adds the new amount of memory required and submits the request. This flow is working fine but whenever the user is requesting for reconfigure the reconfiguring request is getting auto approved which i want to disable as i need this reconfigure process also to go the approval path. Can anyone please suggest how i go about achieveing this.’’


The simplest way to force approval for every re-configuration request, would be modify this method:

/ ManageIQ / System / Policy / vmreconfigure_request_auto_approve

Change this line:
$evm.root[“miq_request”].approve(“admin”, “VM Reconfiguration Auto-Approved”)

To this:

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Thanks a lot…that works…Now whenever the user requests for reconfigure it should trigger a email for approval…will that be possible

Take a look here: / Infrastructure / VM / Reconfigure / Email /

Use the existing instances and methods to create equivalent ‘denied’ entries, for example ‘VmReconfigureRequestDenied’.

Also, in / System / Policy you’ll need to create a ‘VmReconfigureRequest_denied’ instance with a relationship pointing to the new instance created in the first step (‘VmReconfigureRequestDenied’).

Use / System / Policy / ServiceTemplateProvisionRequest_denied as an example.

Thanks a lot that works…

when i am trying to setup vm_prefix for which i have copied the Naming instance to my datastore and modified the method as per my naming requirement. But after that if i am trying to provison the vmware vm using the service catalogue with vm_prefix and vm_name dialog somehow the prefix is not being added to the vm name. Is there anything else i need to modify other than coying the default naming method and modifying the code.