Discovering IPMI Hosts


I am trying to discover hosts using their IPMI IP addresses and user credentials.
It gives me the error that IPMI is not available on the host

But, when I logged in the bash prompt of the appliance and executed the ipmitool command using the same set of credentials, it worked.

Do I need to make some changes to the ManageIQ configuration, or add a rule to the Firewall to make sure that the HTTP interface of ManageIQ is able to talk to the destination IPMI host?

I feel since I am able to query it using the cli, there are no issues on the destination server nor in the networking between the ManageIQ appliance and the destination server.

Thanks in advance

Hi @bhavin04890,

We use the ipmiping tool to validate that IPMI is present on the machine and there appears to be a bug in that code.

[root@localhost vmdb]# ipmiping -h
ipmiping [OPTIONS] destination
  -c   count
  -i   interval in seconds
  -I   interface address or device name
  -t   timeout in seconds
  -v   verbose output
  -r   protocol version
  -s   starting sequence number
  -d   turn on debugging

[root@localhost vmdb]# ipmiping -c 1
ipmiping: count argument invalid

@syncrou Can you please take a look at this issue? cc @bdunne