Discoverying and smartstate analysis physical systems

Hi, I’ve been googling this and can’t find anything… I am looking to implement MIQ for doing discovery on our AWS acconts (and GCP AZURE as people start using those as well) It works very well for this. I have been asked if MIQ will ever be able to scan physical systems. I know that SS analysis works off of snapshots … which are obviously very different if available at all on physical systems. Is there any info on this anywhere? Intentions? Very much appreciate any info on this if possible.


It depends on what you want to know about that physical server

As you said, SmartState Analysis works by creating a Snapshot of a VM and analysing the contents of the file system, therefore this approach will only ever work in virtualized world.
MIQ does have a SmartState Analysis feature for linux containers. Containers are themselves static images, therefore the process skips the snapshot step and just analyses the image (I have not used this feature yet)
The point is: SmartState Analysis is everything introspecting a resource beyond, what the normal management tools provide, how it goes about is up to the technology involved

MIQ added a physical infrastructure provider for Lenovo XClarity in the latest release, therefore something is happening in this area, but I am not following it that closely

I guess the best you can do at the moment is to use Ansible to gather information from physical systems. It works for both linux and windows and only requires tools natively available (python for linux, powershell on windows)

Thanks buc, appreciate the input. There is the Windows VSS service and also Linux snapshots which I know very little about, other than my Linux Mint system seems to be using them for backup… wondering if these would be leveraged - I head heard about the Lenovo - so prompted me to try and find out more. I guess will just need to stay tuned.

Check this: and let us know how it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks, looks promising … will definitely keep an eye on that.

I also have same need and opened an issue here.