Distributed setup

Hello, and already thank you for reading.

I am having troubles with setting up ManageIQ in a distributed HA fashion.
No matter which guide I end up following, I get to the following point and then it breaks:

  • 1x primary standalone database
  • 1x manageIQ appliance that created the region in the primary database
  • 1x standby standalone database (replica)

And then, when adding a 2nd manageiq appliance (to dsitribute the load on the workers and distribute roles), the join region operation goes without errors - but when logging in to the manageiq portal, there is only 1 server visible in the default zone (the last one that was added) – the other one seems to be missing?
Even when connecting on IP address to the first one, it only sees the last (not himself!) in the default zone.

Any help is appreciated.