Do GCE providers without Stackdriver show Legacy networks?

Do I have to enable GCE Event with Stackdriver to add a GCE Provider? I didn’t and MIQ sees my VMs, but not my networks… which leads me to me next issue.

Can ManageIQ detect Legacy networks? All my networks are legacy and not shown in the network section. I added an empty, new subnet network and that hasn’t been detected.

Thanks in advance for input.

Hi @rock

You do not need to enable GCE Event with Stackdriver to add a GCE Provider.

We do support listing networks via fog-google networks, and is parsed by manageiq here.

This should show up under the network manager, if it does not can you open a github issue describing the networks issue you’re seeing and any logs/errors?


Hi, @agrare, I redid this recently with a new installation and have the similar results. I can’t find any relevant errors in the logs. However, the status is bad. Default credentials is None and last refresh is Never. when I go to “Edit this cloud provider” and click the “Validate” button, it is successful [“Credential validation was successful”]. Where can I get more info about why it’s not connecting correctly?

After restarting the server, the GCP provider connected and starting pulling Compute Engine objects. Unfortunately, it’s not pulling in the network objects. In network manager, the last refresh reads

Error - 5 Minutes Ago
undefined method `collect’ for nil:NilClass

Here’s relevant logs excerpt from evm.log

[----] E, [2017-08-10T04:19:10.997638 #13671:1163130] ERROR – : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Google::NetworkManager::Refresher#refresh) EMS: [GCP_Cloud_Test_CentralUS Network Manager], id: [35] Refresh failed
[----] E, [2017-08-10T04:19:10.999272 #13671:1163130] ERROR – : [NoMethodError]: undefined method collect' for nil:NilClass Method:[rescue in block in refresh] [----] E, [2017-08-10T04:19:10.999444 #13671:1163130] ERROR -- : /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/models/manageiq/providers/google/network_manager/refresh_parser.rb:290:inblock in get_load_balancer_pool_members’

This project contains legacy networks and other objects. I added a newly created, empty project with only a modern VPC network and things worked fine. It looks like projects with legacy objects won’t work with MIQ. Are projects with legacy objects just not supported or is this a bug?