Documentation and worked examples for Automate features

Hi all,

I have done quite a bit of work with CloudForms & ManageIQ in terms of managing a virtual estate, C&U data, Policies and so on and have found it all excellent and very powerful.

However I am now needing to stray into the Automate part of the product and specifically need to perform simple customisations (as a starting point) on VM’s provisioned from single catalog items. For example at present I am working through an example to provision a VMware VM from a template to a VM with a hostname as specified in a service dialog.

I have found some excellent help on this forum - for example this post contains a wealth of valuable information:

Catalog Bundle - How To Name the VMs

However I haven’t been able to find this information readily outside of this forum or a handful of blogs on the Internet. Am I missing something with regards to the documentation and how to use these features in the intended manner? I feel like I’ve missed something here, and am quite happy for someone to point out something that I need to read or reference but for now I am struggling if I am honest.

Please can someone advise me on where to look for more help on the Automate features?



@marigold2048 @mkanoor - Would you please take a look at this topic?

Thank you - really appreciate any direction you can give me.

Have you looked in the guides under Configure -> About -> Product Assistance -> Lifecycle and Automation Guide


Yes I have. If we use my other thread you are helping me with as an example

Setting VM name based on dialog for service provision of catalog item

The term “vm_name” only appears right at the end of this guide in an example. The term “vm_target_name” does not appear at all in this guide.

So using setting the VM name as an example - how could I learn to do this without needing to approach this forum? I would love to be self sufficient in CloudForms/ManageIQ (though I am very grateful for your help) and I just wonder how I can learn more about it.

Many thanks!