Documentation on how to add new providers

Hi! We are currently using OpenNebula and KVM as a basis for our own private cloud toolkit. ManageIQ adds lots of useful services (higher-level) that are not included in OpenNebula, and so we would like to try to add a provider based on OpenNebula and its API, without resorting to partial EC2 emulation.
Is there any documentation on how to add a provider? Also, is there a more general effort-for example, based on libvirt?

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Welcome to the ManageIQ community - having an OpenNebula provider would be fantastic.

This sounds like a question for @jhardy

Perhaps @bronaghs could go over the steps that were needed to add SCVMM support, too? There is some code for KVM hosts at but I don’t know what else would be needed to enable adding a single KVM or libvirt host.


See Provider Driver Architecture for the beginnings of making this a lot easier. There is no documentation at the moment and explaining it is actually quite complicated. That thread is (will be?) a proposal we have in the works to make this exact task A LOT easier for the community.

Thanks to all for the kind welcome. I see in the code both a kvm and a libvirt provider, so it is probably a doable task. Let me know if there’s something I can help in-at the moment we are looking at the code to get an initial grasp of ManageIQ, and we’ll try to get up to speed as fast as possible.