Does the Self Service UI support VMRC?

Hello everyone. I’m running ManageIQ on vSphere / vCenter 6.5, using the Self Service UI (or CloudForms Management Engine)

I’m currently in the stages of testing. Service dialogs work great, provisioning works great, now the only issues is actually accessing the virtual machine.

After navigating to the VM, upon hovering over “Access”, the only option is a grayed out “VM Console” button that is not supported on ESXI 6.5.

I’d prefer to use VMRC for accessing the VMs, but what are my options?
VNC is not configured in the Operations UI Administration panel, but VMRC is. I’m able to access the VM through the Operations UI using VMRC. How can I bring this feature to the Self Service UI? Is it possible?

Hello, we have the same problem. @bdiaz, were you able to solve it?

No, I switched from the Self-Service UI to the regular interface and changed the permissions so that the end user only sees the Service Catalog and their services. We connect using VMRC

Built in VNC has been removed as vSphere 6.5

I have talked to some of the other engineers, and unfortunately have come back that this is not supported. The VNC functionality has existed since the gsx releases, but was somehow tied into the vsphere client, or something that allowed that connection to work. WIth the release of 6.5, that functionality seems to have been removed with the vSphere client functionality, because we now use the HTML5 client for host connections. It also allowed the connection to be unsecure, so I am suprised we haven’t removed this previously.

Ok, thanks. We prefer using VMRC - it’s just confusing when there are different VM Access options in self_service UI and regular (admin) UI…
Hopefully someone will add VMRC option to self service UI as well…