DRS vs. Placement method?

I am currently facing a strange behavior : it happens that Vmware replies “A specified parameter was not
correct. spec.location.host” when provisioning a virtual machine. The target host and datastore are chosen by a method called vmware_best_fit_with_tags that checks tags applied on hosts and datastore to identify eligible targets.

DRS is enabled on Vmware cluster (can’t change that at the moment) and, according to Vmware
documentation, it is used to perform automatic placement of the virtual machines when powering on VMs and to provide reommendations regarding placement for already powered on VMs.

Is there a possibility that DRS refuses our target host and therefore make the deployment fail ?

Hello Fabien,

I’m using Capablanca 2 release and I don’t encounter any issue while provisioning VMs on a vSphere DRS enabled cluster.
As I’m using ManageIQ, I don’t have access to vmware_best_fit_with_tags but only vmware_best_fit_least_utilized which doesn’t take into account the tags associated.

DRS is configured as fully automated.


Thanks @j2clerck. Indeed, further tests tend to show that DRS is not
implied… We opened a case with Vmware support.