Dump and Restore Data discovered by manageiq

Hi all,
I have installed ManageIq locally on a VM and scanned Azure instances. Now we need to dump the data which is discovered and restore this data in a different postgresql. Is there a way to implement this? I am facing this problem from past four days and unable to find a solution. Please help me over this issue

Can’t you use the default postgres tooling for that? ManageIQ should be fine, when you dump the database and import that in another appliance

Do you have any specific data in mind? If you don’t want to do a database dump, there is the possibility to recreate your data on a new appliance (e.g. with the cfme-scripts)

Hi buc, Thanks for the reply. I want to take the dump of data which is discovered using ManageIq and use it in our application. So I was unable to find the option of dumping the data in ManageIq tool. Can you please help if there is any documentation available for this? Or specify the steps which needed to be done

You are trying to transfer the data from a ManageIQ appliance to a standard postgres to use in your own (unrelated) application?

In that case your best option is to use pg_dump and pg_restore as ccesario has done in the post above

If you are looking for something more officail, redhat has a part about the database in their product documentation

You may also want to look in the API documentation

Thank you buc problem solve