Dynamic fields being queried continiously when viewing a service

We have a service dialog attached to a catalog item which serves as a provisioning form, allowing users to input details for the catalog item they wish to order (name, memory etc.). All fairly standard.

Some of the fields in this service dialog are dynamic drop-down boxes, which call an automate method to return a list of valid values from which the user may choose. This process more or less works without issue.

Once the user has filled out the provisioning form correctly they add the catlog item to their cart, order it and it is provisioned after a short period of time. It will then appear in the My Services tab of the Service UI.

When a user selects their service from the My Services tab, every few seconds entries will appear in the automate logs indicating that the methods which return a list of valid values for the dynamic dropdown boxes in the provisioning form are being invoked. It appears these functions are being called multiple times for minute. The provisioning form is not being displayed to the user, and it does not hinder their use of the service, but I imagine it isn’t the best from a performance point of view, especially if there were a large number of dynamic dialog boxes, complicated logic in the automate methods, or a large number of users idling on their services in the UI. It isn’t just after the initial provisioning, but whenever looking at a service in the Service UI.
The request appears to take in the region of 10-20 seconds to complete.

Is this considered normal behaviour? I believe service and machine reconfiguration has been disabled for users, so I don’t think they are in any way able to view this form outside of the initial provisioning and ordering process. Is there some option I can change to stop this, or have I misconfigured something somewhere?

Any help is appreciated :grinning: