Dynamic Form field optimization


I’m curently running fine appliance.
We have a form that has about 15 dynamic fields. Most of them are only textbox and the dynamic part is show/hide according to a dropdown selected value. Form takes up to 1min to load, and changing the dropdown value trigger refresh for all fields and takes about a minute too.
Is there a way to optimize that? Only refresh field if the dropdown has a specific value for example?
Having only one automate script for each dropdown value instead of one per field?
I searched but found nothing on this.


Gaprindashvili brings target refresh for dialog fields. For each field, you
can tell which fields are refreshed when value changes. This enhances the
load and refresh time.

I saw that and tried it, but our main problem is that nearly all dynamic fields depends on only one drop down. So we only gain a few seconds.


We have the same problem. Our worst dialog takes almost 5 minutes to load.

We tried many things and eventually moved all of our dialogs over to ServiceNow. In that platform we can write JavaScript that is very responsive for the client.