EC2 public images Capablanca


I can’t see Amazon public images in Capablanca version.
I enabled it in the advance config.

in _private_images: true
get_shared_images: true
get_public_images: true

I installed the Botvinnik version and public images are visible there.

Do I need to set something more to see them in the Capablanca version (filters, etc…)?

@Joe_Vlcek Would you please look into this?


Let me see if I can reproduce what you are seeing. I will report back soon

Joe V


Could you please confirm the URL you used to download the version of Capablanca you are using?
Is it the RC or the Released version?

Thank you, Joe V


It is released version. (version capablanca-1.20151210193331_d9bbf5f)

Thank you,


I have been able to reproduced this.

You have tripped on a bug. I have filed and taken ownership of an issue to address this.

You can track it here:

Joe VLcek