Edit Class Schema Sequence in VM Provisioning state machine


In Casablanca-2, I tried to created a new steps in State Machine (under ‘VMProvision_VM’) and then tried to adjust the Class Schema Sequence. However, the newly added step cannot moved down the sequence of existing steps beyond 1 step. Example, if I tried to move the newly created step after ‘PostProvision’, I will see that it move down 1 step and then toggle back to top of sequence.

This behaviour does not shown in Botvinik, and seem to be a bug.

Anyone had encountered this? Or is there any work around on this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @casius, thanks for your question. It may be that the issue you describe has already been resolved in the current build. Can you test again using one of the Nightly builds.

If you still see the issue, let us know.